6 Tools That Use AI For Cybersecurity

AI For Cybersecurity

In the modern era, society, businesses, and even daily activities are constantly looped with online technology. Cybersecurity has emerged as a major concern for digital businesses and organizations.

2020 becomes a year where each and everything begins to be digital and online. This includes business, workspace, and education as well. In such a scenario, the need to ensure security for the data becomes a crucial thing. That is why AI in cybersecurity prompts beyond the hype and became a common practice.

Security analysts and leaders are suggesting efficient tools that use AI for cybersecurity to detect and identify potential threats for the organization or a particular entity. Here are 6 tools that are prominent and popular in the efficaciousness of AI in cybersecurity.

Symantec’s Targeted Attack Analytics (TAA) Tool

Produced by Symantec, Targeted Attack Analytics (TAA) tool is extended to reveal the furtive and targeted approaches. This is the same tool used by the researchers of Symantec and was also used to uncover Dragonfly 2.0 attack that targeted various energy organizations and attempted to access their operational networks.

The data scientists of Symantec developed the TAA tool by employing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the procedures, expertise, and abilities of their own security researchers and professionals. All these researchers have a comprehensive and successful history in discovering and analyzing global cyber threats.

TAA can automate the tasks formerly done by human analysts- analyzing the vast data lake of telemetry collected from the global customer base of Symantec with the skills and abilities of its human researchers. TAA finds more things quickly with the assistance of advanced analytics. It functions by unveiling fishy acts in unique endpoints as well as compares the information to find whether any of the individual actions implies concealed vicious activity.

Darktrace Antigena

Darktrace Antigena, which is Darktrace’s active self-defense product, is a top-notch Autonomous Response Solution that reacts to cyber threats in real-time. It works in alignment with the Enterprise Immune System.

Powered by the world-leading AI of Darktrace, Antigena expands to the core capabilities of Darktrace in order to discover and replicate the function of digital antibodies that neutralizes malicious viruses and threats.

Darktrace Antigena modules can help you in regulating user and machine access to the internet, machine, and network connectivity and message protocols. With its automated capability, organizations can promptly react to the attacks without any disruption to the business activity.

Sophos’ Intercept X Tool

Sophos is a company in the UK for software and hardware protection. Their tool Intercept X makes use of deep learning neural networks that act similar to the human brain. The development of the algorithm present in Intercept X is the creation of the first Cyber Genome Program by the US DAPRA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) in 2010. The Genome Program was intended to detect the malware DNA as well as similar cyber scourges.

Intercept X can draw out an immense number of attributes from a file even before the file executes. It can organize a thorough analysis and identify if the file is malicious or not within just 20 nanoseconds. Intercept X is sufficiently trained on threat intelligence’s bi-directional sharing and the real world’s feedback through access to the immense number of samples rendered by data analysts and scientists.

This brings in a great accuracy rate and makes sure there are no false results. The efficiency and security of Intercept X have been tested on NSS labs (third parties) and obtained higher scores. It is one of the proven tools in the market today with 100% benefits and efficaciousness.

Vectra’s Cognito

Vectra’s Cognito is another platform that makes use of AI to detect malicious intruders in real-time. It is an intelligent response platform that automates threat identification and traces the covert attackers. Cognito is designed by an outstanding team of data scientists and researchers. The platform symbolizes security guaranteed data output with a holistic approach to security.

It captures network metadata, improves it with Machine Learning derived security info, and provides flexibility. All these tasks are done by the behavior detection algorithms. It also analyzes all these events and stores them to detect hidden attackers or malicious threats in workloads.

Cognito platform comprises Cognito Detect and Cognito Recall.

The Cognito Detect detects the concealed attackers in real-time with the help of machine learning, data science, and behavioral analytics as well.It consequently triggers responses from existing security enforcement points by driving dynamic incident response rules. On the other hand, Cognito Recall detects exploits that are present in the historical data. It further improves the speed of detection of incident investigations and about compromised devices and workloads over time. It’s a speedy and simple fix to discover all devices or workloads accessed by compromised accounts and recognize records associated with exfiltration.

IBM QRadar Advisor

With the application of IBM Watson technology, IBM’s QRadar Advisor combats against various cyber threats. QRadar Advisor makes use of Artificial Intelligence to auto-probe indices of any exploit. The cognitive reasoning in QRadar further renders critical insights and also hastens the reaction cycle. Security interrogators can assess cyber-attack incidents and minimize the risks with the help of IBM QRadar Advisor.

include automatic investigations of threat incidents, detect high priority risks, offer intelligent reasoning, and render critical insights on the users and significant assets. It is one of the best and responsive tools that use AI for cybersecurity.